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23rd Annual RunNGun

Discussion in 'Race Talk' started by MatT, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. MatT

    MatT Member

    Its that time of year again, not really, but I'm starting early getting the word out on the 23rd Annual RunNGun! I'm helping organizing this year and would love to get several Lonestars there this year. I missed last year due to a minor car rebuild, but will definately be there this year....if my painter ever gets off his arse, but thats another issue. The venue has change this year and will be at M.P.H. (Motorsports Park Hastings) in Hastings, NE September 23-25. I know several of you are in the midst of planning various Spring and Summer outings/cruises, but please save this date for the fall. I know its a trek to NE for many of you in Texas, but it will be worth it. One change this year is we're looking for vintage and modern pony cars to participate as well. So those of you with friends that have those cars and enjoy participating in events such as this, bring them too!
    I won't ramble much more other than saying the attached flier will have many more details, if I can get it to post right. I'm hopeful I can convince several of you to make it. If I can, I bet I can convince Brian to come up to. Please call, email, or PM me any questions you might have about the event. I'd enjoy talking it up some more in person.

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