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7-Day Build In Progress

Discussion in 'Kit Car News, Events, and Press Releases' started by Skuzzy, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Skuzzy

    Skuzzy Member

    That is awesome!
  2. Hooch

    Hooch New Member

    We are having a great time, and what great memmories this will be for my son. I can't believe how much we accomplished today, looking forward to tomorrow.
  3. Skuzzy

    Skuzzy Member

    Of course, you know what he will want, for a car, when he gets his drivers license. :)
  4. Skuzzy

    Skuzzy Member

    Looks like fun.
  5. IndyCobra

    IndyCobra Member

    It will be interesting to see if you can get the hood to fit with that air filter. I tried different spacers and I cut the liner out of the hood and I still had to go to a different filter assembly.
  6. IndyCobra

    IndyCobra Member

    Maybe it's the fact that I went with a Holly carb and I bet The Engine Factory put an Edlebrock on the engine pictured. I can tell you that short of cutting the motor mount brackets down, it wouldn't fit.
  7. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    Lookin great guys, that's a lot of work in a day !
  8. NC Cobra

    NC Cobra Member

    Thursday, 1:01 pm. :)
  9. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member

    Thursday at 4:44 PM for the start time.
  10. Bad460

    Bad460 Member

    Thursday at 4:45 PM for start time. It has to run at least for one min.

  11. Skuzzy

    Skuzzy Member

    Looking good Brian!
  12. NC Cobra

    NC Cobra Member

    "new upper radiator shroud"? WTF? I shouldn't say this, but...can you show us a picture? After I see it, I'm sure I'll want one. Oh, and by the way, might as well post the "special low introductory" price.
  13. That's about right timing for me, @ C & S today getting new pipes built & having A Dang New Upper Shroud made!
    Me. ET let me know first time he saw my car I was missing something Shiney ! Lol

    Wendell / Lynn
  14. Skuzzy

    Skuzzy Member

    Are we there yet?
  15. Skuzzy

    Skuzzy Member

    If it were easy and simple, where would be the fun? :)

    Wrinkles in monkey works are just small mountains to overcome on the way to any reward.

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