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Brake Update! Everyone Read!

Discussion in 'Race Talk' started by Anonymous, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Member

    All of this talk about the brakes recently has had everyone here at LSC scratching their heads. In 17 years we have never had issues with brakes and couldn’t understand why all of a sudden there was an issue or a possible “design problem”.

    This weekend we took a Tilton pedal assembly who we used to use years ago and measured every angle. We have ascertained that the Tilton pedal assembly has LESS mechanical advantage than that of the LSC. made pedal assembly included in our kits. This being said we started looking elsewhere for the problem.

    With some phone calls and emails we quickly determined that some customer's master cylinder mounting plate was mounted upside down. This will cause the push rods to bind when pushed making the brakes extremely difficult to push and will not allow the pistons to fully plunge. This would only allow you to achieve 3/4 of the overall brake pressure at best. We tried it both ways and noticed a significant difference.

    Below are pictures of this plate and how it should look in your LS427.

    Please note that not everyone has this plate as it was not introduced until mid 2003.

    If you mounted your plate upside down you should flip it over so that your brakes will perform as they were originally designed.

    We have made this clearer in our assembly directions.

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