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Currie Rear End Seal Leakage

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by bktlist, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. bktlist

    bktlist Member

    Noticed yesterday I have a seal leak on the driver side on my currie 9" rear end. Only got 400 miles on the ride so not what I expected so soon. I have seen some old threads on this issue but nothing lately so wanted to ask if anyone is still fighting this issue as well and suggestion to address.
  2. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member

    I would talk to Brian first.
  3. bktlist

    bktlist Member


    The seal leakage is occurring on the 9" Currie rear end / brake assembly I received from LSC in May. The Currie install manual I found on line indicates that for the Wilwood there may be the need for a different bearing plate to provide sufficient seal compression. So need to find out if this was installed and rear part info so I can repair.

    Give me a call to discuss.
  4. bktlist

    bktlist Member


    Do not know when you purchased it - If I remember right you were waiting for the refund from Moser before you purchased the Currie rear end so maybe March this year.

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