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FF Seats In LS427

Discussion in 'LS-427' started by TuckerJ, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. TuckerJ

    TuckerJ New Member

    The standard seats are apparently 1/2 inch less wide than my hip bones. I can only stay in the car about 45 minutes.

    I like the looks of the Factory Five Big and Tall seats but I didn't build this car and was wondering what kind of problems I might run into.

    I was told by FFR that the dimensions of the seat is 22" Deep - 20" Wide and 23" tall. My current seat measures 19" wide and I have an extra inch in the seat pan. I assume that the 20" width is not at the bottom of the FFR seat.

    Some guy did a comparison thread and said that the seat is on the same frame as their standard seat. Extra room comes from thinner foam.

    Any hints, tips and warnings appreciated.


  2. AggieJack

    AggieJack Member

    Yup! I always said the problem with bucket seats is we ain't all got the same size bucket! :mrgreen:
    Several folks have bought some aftermarket on ebay and fit them.

  3. TuckerJ

    TuckerJ New Member

    Yea, it's hip bone to hip bone so I don't think I could reduce the size of my "bucket".

    I tried to stretch the sides of the seat outward and it worked about as well as expected...not at all.
  4. TuckerJ

    TuckerJ New Member

    Since several people have viewed this thread I thought I would post the finished product.

    Much better on the hips.....How many days 'till spring?

  5. mikegoesfast

    mikegoesfast New Member

    Hey these look great, and I'm glad they are a bit wider at the bottom.

    My question is: do they offer enough upper back protection? Specifically, do the upper part of your shoulders touch the lip of the car body? Or does that hit you in the back of the neck or head?

    Not sure if that is clear or not, but I would appreciate your thoughts. I'm pretty tall so I worry about that kind of thing.



  6. TuckerJ

    TuckerJ New Member


    I think the following pictures may answer your questions. I used a webcam to take old seat/new seat pictures from a stationary position and the top of my hat is at exactly the same height even though the new seats make me sit about 1 inch more upright. However I did not reinstall the sliders under the drivers seat. The old seat was so tight against the floor that my slider didn't work anyway. I just used carriage bolts through the seat frame straight into the floor.

    It feels like I have more leg room. I think mostly because my legs can now lay out to the side more.

    I'm 6'4'' with a 36 in inseam and have nearly no clue what I'm doing so I think it turned out pretty well.




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