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Houston area...body buck

Discussion in 'Sell, Trade or Wanted Parts' started by Luce, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Luce

    Luce Member

    I have a body buck with 3- 8" pneumatic harbor freight tires that I think I'm done with. All I want is the $20 I have in the tires. I welded up some scrap angle iron and bolted it to 2 2x8s that are spaced the same as the 2 outer body rails. It makes it easy for one man to move the body in and out of the garage unaided. If there's no interest, I'll make my kid a go cart out of it I guess.
  2. CobraB

    CobraB Member

    I'd be interested. I've got to pull my body off to swap motors pretty soon. It would be nice to be able to roll the body out of the way while I'm working. I'll shoot you a PM with my number.

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