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Lone Star Now on Face Book

Discussion in 'Kit Car News, Events, and Press Releases' started by crzyfst, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. crzyfst

    crzyfst Member

    What happened to it? It used to be a like for me and I would get updates from you posted to my news feed, but I can't find you on it anymore.
  2. crzyfst

    crzyfst Member

    Well crap then. Can you see if I'm in that list? I know I used to be and I have seen stuff from your page post to mine.

    I don't see Lone Star Classics at all and the link doesn't work for me either. I'm a computer guru too and not sure what is going on. Could you have blocked me some how? I don't know if company pages or groups have a way to block users.
  3. crzyfst

    crzyfst Member

    No go, although we are friends now :).

    I asked a friend to try also and lone star did not come up for them either.
  4. crzyfst

    crzyfst Member

    Nope, nothing. I searched for lone star, lonestar, lone star classic, lone star classics and don't see your page. My friend also couldn't find it under either of the above or clicking the link from your actual website.

    I just had another friend try and no luck. None of the above searches worked. If you click on the FB link on your website, it just takes me to my news feed on FB. It does that for all three of us.

    Have a few people you know that maybe haven't been to it or "like" it and see if they can pull it up.

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