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LSC Open House/Public Enveiling of New 427GT Body

Discussion in 'LS-427' started by undy, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. undy

    undy Member

    Sweet Brian!

    Will the new IRS be able to be retrifitted into the older cars, say circa 2000?

  2. Luce

    Luce Member

    It can be, but it's not an easy bolt in on the parking spot of your condo thing for the faint of heart.

    The factory panhard and shock mounts must be cut off and ground smooth, then the cradle that mounts the diff and LCA welds to the frame in 4 places, and 12 tabs must be welded to the existing frame rails for the UCA and new coilover location. Then you may need to get a new driveshaft made.

    I would say a lift is almost a must so your not welding overhead on your back. I would pull the tank, but you should be able to do it with the body still on.

    I think I talked Rick into trying it on this car. He's a glutton for punishment.
  3. undy

    undy Member

    You talked me out of it.

    I'd be concerned about strength too. I almost twisted both ends off both of the 28 splined axles that came in the car from LSC. I've since gone to some 31 spline Dutchman drop forged chrome moly axles and a Detroit True-Trac diff. I run M/T 315-17 drag radials and have been known to lift a front tire or two. 8)
  4. Luce

    Luce Member

    The 8.8 exporer diff is getting the eaton true trac with 31 splines. I have 315 17" Kumo Extca or whatever they are, and I've beat the piss out of mine and it's held.

    But the fact is, if you want the best and most durable drag race set up, stick with the 9" Ford Live axle.

    If you want a better road race car, better cornering and predictability over rough roads, or just a better ride, nothing touches the low unsprung weight of the IRS.

    Also, you will have some serious and critical welding and a lot of cutting and grinding. It's an easy add for Lone Star to add when welding the frame in the jig, but not so trivial to retrofit.
  5. undy

    undy Member

    Yep, straight line acceleration is what I use it for, with minor twisties. My C6 Z06 would make it look like it's standing still on a track event.
  6. Skuzzy

    Skuzzy Member

    Looking forward to attending this!
  7. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member

  8. Luce

    Luce Member

    They're talking about the T-bird 8.8 housing that came with the 28 spline tripod joint. We're using the 2000 Explorer diff. It came stock 31 spline and it's much beefier and cheaper in the junk yard.

    I think the weak link will be the outer CV joint.

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