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New LSC Car Hauler! Check it out!!

Discussion in 'Kit Car News, Events, and Press Releases' started by Roush #1, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member

    Likey very much!
  2. Bad460

    Bad460 Member

    Man, that is real "BAD-ASS"!!!!!!!!!! Love the "SNAKE"!!!!!!!!!!!! That snake would look good painted under the hood of my Cobra. But he would have "BLUE" eyes of course!!!! lol!!!!!! Nice job Brian.

    Jackie & Paula
  3. Im liking that too !!!!
  4. AggieJack

    AggieJack Member

    Too Cool!! Nice job, Brian.

  5. Skuzzy

    Skuzzy Member

    Very nice Brian!

    However, I cannot do Facebook. It is borked on my computer. Problems with Java. Most sites provide a Java free version of thier pages, but Facebook does not.

    Glad you cross post it here, or I would never get to see it.
  6. Lawler

    Lawler Active Member

    I dig it Brian. Very good job.

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