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New Project

Discussion in 'Race Talk' started by Reptyl, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Reptyl

    Reptyl Member

    Yes Larry, it will be "Jody Fast" therefore a parachute is required! The car already has a cage and it's certified to go 8.50. It will be a street/strip car and the goal is go 8.70s with street tires and mufflers!

    The engine is done and just waiting to go on the dyno. We're expecting 700+ hp on the motor and close to 1000hp with a little shot of N2O.


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  2. Tugboat

    Tugboat Member


    Jody fast in the 1/4 mile? Try to keep both ends on the ground. :lol: How about giving us a heads up when you head to the track. I would love to go see.

  3. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member


    Ditto on the notification on the first pass.

    Great looking car! I hope the distributor is on the front of the engine!

  4. Reptyl

    Reptyl Member


    Don't worry, the distributor is in the correct location!
    It's a big cubic inch, solid roller small block and should be real fun! :lol:


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  5. AggieJack

    AggieJack Member

    WOW!!!!! :shock:

    Beautiful Randy.. What a sleeper too!!. If someone's not paying close attention at a light they might make a terrible decision of dicing with you.

    Let us know when your running.

    Nice job.

  6. Tugboat

    Tugboat Member

    Oh BTW Randy!

    Nice Rearend :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I feel very confident that Randy's cars will always have the Dist. in the correct place.

  7. Reptyl

    Reptyl Member


    Today was a Good news, Bad news kind of day.

    Good news: I finally got the motor on the dyno today. It cranked on the first try and the initial pulls were very promising (650 hp/587 tq on pump gas) Until....

    Bad news: The motor was running great right up until it blew up! More specifically when it siezed then bent the exhaust valve on #4. It was also showing signs of galling on 4 other exhaust valves. It has AFR 225 heads and they were one of the first sets with the new 8mm valves, so the builder has already been on the phone with AFR. When the valve hung open, it kissed the top of the piston and also jammed the lifter in the bore.

    More Good news: Even though the motor is now down to the bare block, it didn't get hurt too bad. It will need new nexhaust valves and guides, one lifter and a little cosmetic work on the piston.

    The motor sounded great and we hadn't even starting tuning on it yet. It was real fat (10:1 A/F, BSFC .60) and the timing wasn't yet optimized. It should have 30-50 more hp and will hopefully break 700hp/600 ft/lb all on pump gas!


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  8. Skuzzy

    Skuzzy Member


    Could have been worse though.
  9. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member


    That is a bummer, but at least it happened in the dyno room and not at the finish line. As I am sure you know, they get real nasty when they lock up there.

    BTW...we have been on the dyno for the past two weeks with a friend's (Ted Eaton) entry in the Engine Masters Challenge in Lima, Ohio. I am really looking forward to going and seeing all the different combinations.

    Ted has built a Y block for the competition. We don't think it will win, but it should be the only one there with block and head castings over 50 years old, and one of the few with a flat tappet cam and carbureted.

    It is sort a like an LSC 427, the Y block will attract a lot of attention.

  10. kenwat

    kenwat Member

    Well there's your problem. Those things are supposed to be straight!
  11. Reptyl

    Reptyl Member

    Well I finally got time to get the motor back on the dyno and this time it DID NOT blow up! :D

    It made 687hp @ 7000 and 609 lb/ft @5300. At 4000 rpm it was making 533hp and kept going up from there. The torque hit 605 lb/ft at 4600 and was above the 600 mark through 5500.

    It should be a fun ride!



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