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new seat belt bracket i need your opinion

Discussion in 'General Comments and Questions' started by tveazey, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. tveazey

    tveazey New Member

    I have come up with a seat belt bracket that bolts directly to the frame on the angle iron that the roll bar is bolted to. It is made out of 1/4" plate and is welded solid. it comes up to the spot were the seat belt will come through the fiberglass wall behind the seat and will bolt in my case I will have 2 straps on each side some belts come to a Y and you only have one strap to deal with. I also cut the word COBRA in the back piece that faces forward so when you open the trunk or when mine is complete I will have the false wall that will cover it up but when that is open you will see it. but it is bolted to the frame by 2 7/16 x 14 bolts. I had to drill and tap the frame due to clearance issues but I think it will work out great and does not take up to much trunk space. I have seen a lot of you guys making comments about seat belts and safety and I wanted to get your opinion on its construction and mounting procedure if any one has any suggestions or comments they would be greatly appreciated.

    Attached files 4750-2661.JPG (33.1 KB) 4751-2661.JPG (274.1 KB) 4752-2661.JPG (42.2 KB) 4753-2661.JPG (36.1 KB) 4754-2661.JPG (32.8 KB) 4755-2661.JPG (32.7 KB)
  2. Luce

    Luce Member

    The seat belt can be a double edged sword. I had a fear of getting rear ended, and the shoulder straps being tight to the frame, but the trunk mounts getting ripped out, and the rear firewall shoving the seat forward, and the straps cutting your shoulders off. For that reason, I put a large (12x12 maybe) plate of steel behind the firewall and bolted the shoulder harness to that. Without destructive testing, I figured it would give adequate protection in a front end collision without as much to lose in a rear end collision. Considering the type of accidents I've had in the last 10 years, I'm far more worried about someone rear ending me than me hitting something, so I skewed my protection in that direction.

    Now that your on, put up more pics!

    CNC plasma tables are cool. Here's my latest CNC project, a batwing. 3/16" mild steel with semichrome powder coat, fresh out of the oven.

    Attached files 4756-2063.jpg (28.6 KB)
  3. tveazey

    tveazey New Member

    Thanks that is a very real thing to consider being rear ended. I am like you not so much worried about me hitting some one or something but me being hit. I will send pics of my parts after they are cleaned up and power coated . and ya I love my plasma table and I also power coat as well. among other things. but I hope to start working on my body work the week of thanksgiving. I really want my car painted before the end of the year.


  4. cobrapilot

    cobrapilot Member

    OK, that's it. I'm just going to have to make some steel pieces with some letters cut out. You guys beat me to the punch.

    BTW, I was considering something similar. I was going to make some steel pieces that run down the inside of the rear fender wells and weld or bolt the rear cowl bar to the frame. My seat belts tie to the rear cowl bar, so this will add support for the belts and the trunk hinges. I'll probably do it while I'm under the car welding the rear end together...

  5. tveazey

    tveazey New Member

    your bracket looks good. I used some chrome powder today on some of my hood and trunk hinges. It really looks like chrome if you don't put clear over the chrome the clear kind of turns the color silver and takes away from the chrome look. Do you have a cnc plasma cutter. I love mine well I just ordered another one so I will have 2 operational tables in a few weeks.

  6. Luce

    Luce Member

    Yea, Cobrapilot talked me into making a CNC plasma table. I overbuilt it a bit and have managed to mill a little aluminum with it too. I made a mount on the Z axis car for a Porter Cable 690 router.

    I'm using Eastwood's one step reflective chrome. I doesn't pass as chrome in my book, but maybe a little more like half polished aluminum. But it does look damn good.
  7. tveazey

    tveazey New Member

    Ya I use powders buy the pound ultimate chrome. it looks like chrome if you apply it thin the more you apply the more it starts to look like a silver paint. now with all my other colors I always shoot a clear over the color it helps with scratches but with the chrome again it turns it a shiny silver. I powder coated my hood and trunk hinges yesterday I am about 2 days away from painting my car. I have spent the last 7 days getting it ready. Then I noticed I did not have the front oval grommets for the bumpers and I had to order them from finish line. I hope they will be in tomorrow if so I can finish the nose of the car and I am ready to paint. its like Christmas around here for me with my car. lol
  8. Lawler

    Lawler Active Member

    Nice work tveazey. I pondered the ramifications of not having a suitable load path in case of an accident as well. This is what I came up with. It is a retro post from way back, but it is still relevant for others who may be at this stage of a build. Again, great work.



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