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SNL Performance

Discussion in 'LS-427' started by TexasDoc, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. TexasDoc

    TexasDoc Member

    I'm giving up on trying to tune this EFI system. There is a performance shop near Lonestar called SNL Performance. Has anyone ever heard of our used them?
  2. dafuser

    dafuser Member

    I had my cobra's fuel injection tuned at Perky Performance in Granbury Texas.
    They have a Dyno Jet chassis dyno at the shop.

    They're located at:

    3736 West Highway 377 Suite A
    Granbury, TX 76048

    They also have a FaceBook page where you can see pictures of the various vehicles he has tuned

  3. TexasDoc

    TexasDoc Member

  4. Luce

    Luce Member

    Good job on the motor. That looks like a very nice and usable torque curve. I'm guessing that's from about 2600 to about 6000 RPM? It's Abe Lincoln top hat enough to almost look like a turboed motor.

    Did they clue you in on what areas were off to cause the stumbles on idle down?
  5. TexasDoc

    TexasDoc Member

    No. I haven't spoken to the tech who did the tuning yet. I glanced at the fuel tables and tuning tables. The only thing I noticed was the timing table was not smooth like when it came from Holley.

    He did increase base timing. I had it at 19 which is where it seemed to idle best. Now, it is around 24, I think. Probably a mix of not enough timing and too much/little fuel. Also WOT timing is down to 32.

    I haven't compared fuel tables before and after.
  6. Les

    Les New Member

    I found this thread as I am also a Terminator user (or trying to be) on my 525HP Olds 461. Thanks for the info about SNL Performance. Any further feedback about them in the past year? I live in Trophy Club and will check in with them to help me get my tune right. I agree with you comment about Danny on the Holley forum...too much swirl. He won't address the question specifically most of the time and uses stock reference material that we all have downloaded and read (which is mutually contradictory at times). Trying to actually speak to someone at Holley can be an adventure in hold-time patience. Am in the process of converting from ECU V2 to V4 and replacing the small handheld with the 3.5" handheld. Have you done the ECU firmware upgrade? Any issues or tips/tricks if you have? Thanks!! PS: same screen name as the Holley forum if you want to search for what I've asked him about.


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