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Taking apart non-adjustable upper control arms

Discussion in 'LS-427' started by NC Cobra, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. NC Cobra

    NC Cobra Member

    I have the older style non adjustable control arms. No complaints. They work great. I pulled them off this weekend so I could disassemble them and get them powder coated. The lowers came apart fine. Am I crazy? Or do the uppers not come apart? It appears they are permanently welded and the rod thru middle is one long piece. Can someone with experience on this matter please confirm or offer specific instructions on how to press these things apart?
  2. Barnsnake

    Barnsnake Member

    I would have to go find my old ones to be sure, but I don't think they come apart. I think the shaft is put through the arm, then welded to the mounting plate.
    It's possible they changed since mine were built.
  3. Prof

    Prof Member

    PM sent

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