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Texas Track Time

Discussion in 'Race Talk' started by BPWilliams, May 23, 2008.

  1. BPWilliams

    BPWilliams Member

    OK Guys here is what I found out about NASA and High Perfromance Drivers Education (HPDE) I contacted Ryan who is the Chief instructor for the Texas chapter and here is the scoop!

    Hello Brian ,

    I am sending your email over to our School Director and Chief instructor. Kevin is our school director and Ryan is our chief instructor. One of them will be able to walk you through what you need in order to participate in our Driving School.

    The cost for two days of driving school is $280.00 and one day of driving school is $180.00. Our next race is June 21-22,2008 at Hallett in Tulsa OK. Registration is now open online at both www.nasatx.com and www.nasaproracing.com. Let me know if you need anything else .


    Jessica Reyna
    Office Manager
    Customer Service
    Assistant Event Chairman
    NASA Texas
    The Texas Mile

    For DE, I believe all they need is roll bar and seatbelts (and helmet of course)…if they want to have an instructor ride along, they’ll have to have two hoops or full width hoop.



    So Visit the Web site and become a member! You can go to the events free of charge and check it out before you join up, these people are totally cool! Bring your helmet as some of the drivers will allow passengers and you can ask for a ride in the HPDE group.

    It's all in your hands have fun with it!


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