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Tremec T-56 questions, and advise ?

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by 427HISS, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    UPDATE- I guess the T-56 "Magnum", is what I'm after, as there is a difference.

    I'm talking with Tremec for a sponsored transmission for my project build. I had the old 3550 and have sold it. Last year while attending the Hot Rod Power Tour, Tremec had taken two photo's of my cobra and used them for advertising. When I called them last spring, the #2 guy in charge, told me they would sponsor the TKO-600, but two weeks later, the top dog said they were done advertising that tranny, so he would not supply it. The #2 guy was very upset about the situation but could not do anything, but if one came into the shop that had a problem, he would rebuild it as new and send it out to me. The problem is they do not get many in, and it could be tomorrow or next year. I can't wait it out because of time restraints for the magazine photo shoot and interviews.

    I do have two Tremec dealers interested in supplying the TKO-600 but, I may end up paying half price or some other deal. I will be talking with them this week.

    Here's what they've decided to do. They will sponsor the newer T-56 "Magnum". The extra gear would be great for 75 mph interstate driving, it's stronger than the TKO-600 and I would not need the up-grades for my very high torque engine.

    I did talk with Brian and he said that to install the T-56 in my 2000 model cobra, I will need to cut out the X-brace that's between the frame rails, behind the tranny tail shaft. It's not needed and the new cobras don't even have it. I guess where the frame has a 90 degree corner, I would need to cut them to a 45 degree. Actually, I hate where the x-brace is because it's in the way of removing the transmission. The input shaft is inside the bell housing apx. 1.5", so I have to loosen the engine mounts, tilt it down and un-bolt the bell housing. Everything has to "sag" down to get the tranny out, a real pain in the ass !
    I'm sure back then, most guys use the Top Loader, not a Tremec.

    Brian said somewhere on the site, are photo's of the install & mods needed, do any of you know what thread ?

    He does have the tranny mount for the T-56.


    First of all, even being sponsored free, having a extra gear and stronger, is it worth all the mods and time, over the TKO 600 ?

    I need to see the information thread with photo's, where is it ?

    What mods are needed ?

    Is there a difference between the T-56 and the "Magnum" T-56 ?

    Is there any bell housing fitment issues, like with the starter and other parts ect.... ?

    I have the FE QuickTime bell housing to fit the TKO-600. Do we have to use the T-56 bell, that is only aluminum,..... not being a blow proof steel housing ?
    Does QT make a dedicated FE steel T-56 housing ?

    The drive shaft is already short on the cobras, since the T-56 is 2.5" to 3" longer, I would need to remove that much more,....so does this create suspension travel issues, alignment problems ect.....?
    That really,....makes for a very short drive shaft !

    From what I've seen, the T-56 does not have the same shift lever position that the TKO has. I like the straight up position where my 3550 was, so I don't think I would like the shifter angled forward, like the originals. How will it be with the T-56 ?

    Is the shifter off-set to one side on the tranny tunnel ?

    What do you see with the Pro's & Con's of the T-56 Magnum ?

    Any other issues with the install and completion thoughts ?

  2. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    Anyone ?
  3. Kevin I can only think of one LS that I know of with the 56, Jody, I would Love to have it myself but will probably just get my non third shifting 600 fixed this winter!

    Wendell / Lynn
  4. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member


    I have a T-56 Tremec (part #1386-000-012) and love it. It is not a magnum. Magnums were not made when I bought mine three years ago. I understand the Magnum is a bit stronger than mine, but mine has held up fine with the Roush 427SR.

    I have participated in six track days with no problems on the road courses. I think the drag strip is probably a bit harder on the transmission and everything has worked well to date there. I employ 3,500 RPM clutch dump starts with Hoosier P335/35R17 Drag Radials and a Currie 9+ rear end / 3.89 gears and full power shifts. I have about 25 passes on it with no failures on anything.

    If I bought a T-56 today, I would buy the Magnum just for the security. I have not heard any negatives about the T-56 Magnum.

    The shifter on mine makes a big difference. I used the MGW shifter and like it better than any shifter I have ever used. I don't understand why people aren't using this shifter. I have never seen another one on a Cobra.

    This link will answer most of your questions about shifter location:


    I mounted my shift handle 180 degrees from what is shown in the picture. In first, third, and reverse my Hurst Pistol Grip knob is about an inch from the bottom of the dash.

    If you get a T-56 be sure to get the reverse lock out solenoid (this is normally an option) so you can get it in reverse without manually overcoming the 35 pound spring used to keep you from hitting reverse unintentionally.

    The extra gear does come in handy for cruising. On the Gobra, seventy MPH in 6th gear is about 2,100 RPM with 25.7 inch tall tires. On paper, 6,000 RPM in 6th (.62:1) is 190 MPH. On the transponder, 7,000 RPM in 5th gear (.8:1) is 167.

    Hope this helps!

  5. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    Wendell - is yours a older 600 ?
    What year is it ?

    J- at 60 mph, my rpm is 2,000. The extra gear for 70 + mph on the interstate would be great. Over 65 mph, I'm really suckin fuel. Can you shoot a pic of your shifter in the car ? I would appreciate it.

    What mods did you have to do to the frame ?
    Any other mods ?
    Did you use the supplied bell or do you have a after market steel ? (using the stock alum. Tremec scares me)
    Where did you mount the reverse lock-out ?
  6. Yea Kevin its older, I started gathering parts in late 2005.
  7. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    It sounds like the newer one's, do not have the problem.
    I just viewed the T-56 magnums on youtube, very impressive, very expensive too. :shock:
  8. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member

  9. 427HISS

    427HISS Member

    Looks nice.

    Is assume the shifter straight ?
    Do you get people asking if the button is for NOS ?

    I would appreciate speaking on the phone. Here's my number and I'll call you back.


    Thank you for the photo's.

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