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Well .... Jody?

Discussion in 'Race Talk' started by BPWilliams, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. BPWilliams

    BPWilliams Member

    OK not a lot of action in here and I know at least one of us has been on the track.....

    Jody can we get some disclosure? :twisted:
  2. Bwana Snake

    Bwana Snake Member


    Texas Motor Speedway September 12th “Wild Roval” put on by Texas Driving Experience http://www.texasdrivingexperience.com/s ... tsCalendar .

    Couple of us from Texas Club Cobra in Dallas will be doing this event unfortunately I will have to use my BRAND X since my LS is still under the spell of brother David Brady artist Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Cobra painter extraordinaire. I hesitated mentioning it knowing how you feel about Corvettes. LOL

    Don’t forget Run N Gun in Octoboer.

    Take care and look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Bwana Gary
  3. MatT

    MatT Member

    Is anyone else going to RunNGun in October, or am I the only one? I sure won't be impressing anyone with my skills, so it would be nice to have others there too. Only other track stuff I did this year was MidAm 34 here in Tulsa, 3 days at Hallett. It was OK, but too many people the 1st 2 days. I can't wait for RunNGun, been looking foward to it all year.

    Brian, have you thought about taking any of you're toys up there to show them off?

  4. Tugboat

    Tugboat Member


    Three guys from Houston are going to the run and gun!! Really fun guys so look them up. No Lone stars tho! Maybe Randy will go one day but Run-n-Gun is during our LARGE Houston Cobra Club fall get together in Conroe Texas.

  5. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member


    Not much to report. I got my money's worth and used all the track and a lot of the infield at Texas World Speedway :roll:

    I learned a lot .... like you get bugs on the rear view mirror and the back side of the windsheld if you go backwards at 120 mph and doing that is not very hard to do :wink:

    I learned my car was faster (top speed) accelerating hard all the way up in 5th gear than it is shifting into 6th and easing into it :shock:

    I also think I probably have outlived my driving ability....but I am having a good time :lol:

    I will be at Texas Motor Speedway Sept 6th and 12th. Maybe I won't use as much of the track there as I did in Bryan :wink:

  6. AggieJack

    AggieJack Member


    Anytime you get down here to TWS please call me. My house is one mile for the speedway. Love to get together. I'll run with you IF I EVER GET MY CAR BACK FROM THE PAINTER!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

    BTW - TWS is in College Station, not Bryan :p :lol: :lol: (cross town rivalry) We think there's a difference. LOL

    Let me know next time your down - I'll buy.

  7. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member

    Sorry about the mix-up on the name of the town .... but most likely I drove a bit in Bryan and College Station :wink:
    I will let you know the next time I am down, but I promise it won't be in August again :roll:
  8. Prof

    Prof Member

    If you stick around after your track days, we (SCCA tech officials) can run your car across the scales; give you corner weight proportionality and front/rear distribution percentage. Tech will be open Sept. 13 and 14; the big regional races are always fun to watch (no Cobras--boo-hoo--that's NASA, not SCCA) and the big bore V8s can get a deafening rumble going for the spectators.


    Top off your tank just before you enter the track; that way we can give you the heaviest readings your car is likely to produce. (no mother-in-law jokes, please) Please know your wheelbase and track width for speedier service. Then brag to your co-workers on Monday about the new trivial information rolling around in your head.

  9. Roush #1

    Roush #1 Member


    Thenks for the information!


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