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Wheels Tires - Misc parts for sale

Discussion in 'Sell, Trade or Wanted Parts' started by CapnCrunch, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. CapnCrunch

    CapnCrunch Member

    For Sale:
    1 set of 17" Team III, AC III wheels, cast finish, fronts are 8" wide, 4.25" backspace and rears are 9.5" wide, 4.75" backspace, $900. Good condition. See at http://www.team3wheels.com/ac_iii.html
    Spinners for the above - $200
    These have an old old set of Hoosier A6s on them, over 150 autocross runs on them...
    I will deliver within 250 miles of zipcode 22192 or we could meet halfway etc... shipping is extra... probably not a good deal for you guys in TX :(

    Sway bar - Speedway Engineering tubular sway bar, 1" OD, 48 spline, .120" wall - 37.5? long, part number 608-100-120
    Arms - Speedway Engineering 16" straight steel sway bar arms, 1" 48 spline, part number 613-1
    Bushings - Energy Suspension 9-5129G sway bar bushings - Summit Racing part no. ENS-9-5129G
    Sleeves to control side to side movement included - Entire sway bar assembly - $100 plus shipping

    Rebco Pyrometer - Summit Racing REB-290-8800 - $225

    Coilover springs - 2.5" diameter 9" long - 315, 550 and 650#, 10" - 250, 500 and 600 - $50 a pair plus shipping

    Vintage Kirkey Racing Seat, Summit Racing item number KIR-41900V, and seat cover,
    Summit item number KIR-41901V, for sale. Both with additional bulky item shipping charges,
    delivery and handling were $378. Good deal now only $265 again will deliver within 200 miles

    Intake - FMS M9424-Z351 Intake, equivalent to Performer RPM $ 145
    Intake - Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap 7581 $225
    Distributor - Mallory 5055401H with plug wires and new cap and rotor $200
    items plus shipping

    If interested, I will email you pics of any items you are interested in.
    Contact me via Schmidt_al at msn.com

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